Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thanks Eric for the house call!

New rim for RKO and we were on our way by 1:30. We had a great 34 mile ride in record time for us! Fun!


  1. Wow - your blog shows me why people like reality TV...because we get a peek into the real adventures of your wild and crazy life! "Tune in next time as the O'Donnells 'straddle the yellow line' and face the desert..." I'm totally hooked.

    You should know that Tracey and Anne are leading the charge in spinning class. They are getting almost as hardcore as you! We miss ya and can't wait to hear about each leg of the journey ahead.

  2. Hi guys!
    We are all following your adventures faithfully, and are so proud of you guys, especially James for sticking with it. We can't even begin to understand how difficult it must be for you. But we are simply amazed at all the people you are meeting and all the kindness you are experiencing. Hopefully it's a trend!
    Take care of yourselves and keep up the good work!

  3. Hey Rebecca,

    Godspeed! ... your pop is an old friend of mine.
    I got you linked on my blog ... pedal power!

    Say hi to all,

    Ash > ashandburn.com
    (Ashley Swanson > from Kennebunkport, ME)

  4. I'm really enjoying The Continuing Exploits of The O'Donnell Clan!

    Keep up the GREAT work!!


  5. I hope that you are able to print out all these great entries from your side and the other! It will be a great keepsake! Love you guys! Stay safe and pedal hard!


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