Friday, June 26, 2009

6.23.09 - day 25

Dove Creek to Dolores. 36 miles. This mountain range is getting closer! James had another flat this morning and after repairs we went to Deb's diner and after my morning chats with locals (family just loves that!) we were on our way to finishing the 3rd map of the western express route! Dolores will start the 4th and last map then we begin the trans American that will bring us to Kentucky. We made it to Lewis and even though it was hot the riding was good...except after a picnic lunch on the front overhang of a closed down bar, and Mike and Rebeccas departure, James discovered another flat in the rear tire. Well we made the most of a bad situation. James got an ice cream and water for me and we went to business changing our first flat! We patched the tube after finding a nail, got it all set and then discovered another hole caused it to flat again! Repaired that one and put it back together and still didn't work! We went out on the road to look more helpless and within 2 and I rode the double yellow for the last 11 miles. A man with his son who I think only stopped to ask directions for a fishing hole soon found himself driving a mother and son and bikes and gear down the road to dolores! They did not seem to mind and mike gave them $10 for their troubles and to buy worms perhaps! Rebecca and Mike were still on their bikes and had scouted out a nice but expensive stop...15/tent! Great market with awesome produce offered good salad and deli meat wraps for dinner...nice healthy meal! Good sleep although Mike's side (:-)) of the mattress is losing air! Mike and I rose early to check out town and I took James' bike and once again-flat! Front tire this time! We decided to wait till bike store opened and get new tires for James!

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  1. Who misses the O'Donnell's? We do! Gosh, can you pedal faster. We are in CT and about 7 days from Maine and your Beloved. Your pics are great. Geo still thinks that you are in CA. "I wanna book a flight (exact words) to California." Mick, Geo, and I pray (in the car) for you every morning. Love, Love, Love. KOD


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