Sunday, May 31, 2009

Midday stretch

Kids did amazing today! James took off like a bat out of hell after a nice byclist chatted along side of us and then went ahead. He tried to keep up with him! We didn't think we would make it to Sacramento for tonight so we rescheduled the visit at the lab. Looking forward to visiting the lab and seeing where norm has lived for over a year.

Day 2...I think they have already lost it!

Left Vacaville today for another 45 mile jaunt. Only 100 more days!

End of 1st. Day of riding

Note the smiles after mom said "no further today folks" we ended the day in Vacaville.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Before boarding the ferry we took in one of the many wonderful sites we unfortnately couldn't get to and spend time at... castle of fine art. James is so into photographing the whole experience... I love it!

Started ride today

Flat tire for James right off, had to switch our trailers out, and
didn't start till 12:30 after ferry ride! Still managed 45 miles and even though we were short our goal by a few miles I am so proud of the kids today! The ride was beautiful with awesome views of rolling hills dotted with large trees that looked paintings. Horses, cows, goats, vineyards, olive and pear trees, battleship graveyard, and wonderful fragrant shrubs that lined the road were highlights of the trip! We rode great roads that were former highways along the new ones. Where we shared the roads with more cars, there were dedicated bike lanes! Great start to the journey!

The last supper!

Great Italian food with friends before we head out tomorrow on our bikes! It has been too long off our bikes so it will be slow day!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Solitary confinement

Great day in SF seeing all the great sites! Alcatraz was great!
Everyone loves the city! Meeting norm and Wayne soon for dinner. They
brought the bikes and gear from sacramento...huge help!!!
Bonus...meeting Anne S. Too...thanks to her we have this site to stay
in touch! Thank you to everyone who are so a part of this trip!!!!

James checking out the snow capped mountains!

Poor guy didn't feel too well after that.:-(

Our future! 5/28 on route to SF!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What is that thing on your waist man?

So this is one of the things that rebecca has to deal with. she takes
it with humor and gives a good pout for the camera behind the glass
Rebecca wears an insulin pump that delivers insulin through a catheter
that she changes every 3 days. This has been a great advancement for
the treatment of diabetes. Until this development, a person with
diabetes needed to stick to a strict schedule for eating and timing
for the multiple injections needed throughout the day. Not everyone
likes the idea of having something attached to their body 24/7. With
new long acting insulin those folks can simulate the pump by taking
quick acting insulin through needle injections every time they eat.
Either method requires careful calculation of carb intake and ratio of
insulin. For Rebecca, it is every 7 grams of carbs needs 1 unit of
insulin. This is referred to as a bolus dose. Her pump also delivers a
varied amount of insulin hourly, known as a basal dose. Others get
this through the long acting insulin.
Enough for is almost 1:00 east coast time.

We miss our dog....

but I guess he'll be okay!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The transfer going south!

Thanks Dad and Billie! Flying out tomorrow! Thanks to our good friend moe too who took this picture and picked us up and drove us to the airport...we lost her picture:-(

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Only 11 days left!

Who's great idea was it to add a counter for the countdown to the trip? Oh yeah...mine! Just makes us more nervous I think! This counter will soon change to reflect how many days I have to get back to work here at the lab. I will see my co-workers the day after Labor Day and until then will miss them a lot! Our 4 bikes, 2 trailers and camping gear should be more than half way to California by now, arriving at Jax West Monday May 18th. Thank you to everyone that helped with these arrangements and logistics. It was a huge help and headache averted by not having to take bikes apart and reassemble them at some unknown bike store in California!

Where in the U.S. are the O'Donnells?

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