Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blanding -June 22 Leaving town

We ended up treating ourselves to pool, showers, laundry and dinner out. Met the Washingtons (Harold and Christine on bikes a/ motors) and their daughter, husband and baby -the Walkers. Nice family! The kids watched old movies...grease1&2 ghost busters and mean old mom said "enjoy, it's your last motel stay!" Camping is so much better for getting to bed early! On the way into town we met the sweetest couple driving a VW camper van. Annie Bell came over to talk with us while Norton Bell pumped the gas into the van. She was so excited and said of was too bad we didn't meet in SF, CA where they live. She said they would have fed us good. She told us that her husband would be right over to talk about biking because he was an avid bicyclist. Sure enough he had taking many tours and has written much on the rides. He pulled out a map and showed many options for going through CO and also some interesting train rides. They both offered food to us and best wishes fir the rest of our ride. Norton worked as an engineer in science and medical related field and had heard of The Jackson Laboratory. Very bright couple and very unfortunate that Annie suffers from early Alzheimers. Further down the road they handed maps that we were reviewing earlier to James as he rode by them.

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