Sunday, June 28, 2009

Leaving ridgeway-June 28

Going to Cimarron - 42 miles. Did breakfast at the campsite...why do I keep thinking this is a good idea! Didn't leave camp until 10:30 and then at the bottom of the hill, Rebecca got a flat from a fish hook! Took a couple trys to get it right and then on the road at 11:00. First 10 miles were horrible. Busy road not much shoulder. Glad we made the signs with mine saying "Bikes Ahead." It helps I think. First day that I felt folks weren't too patient with us. A stop right before Montrose proved to be fortuitous. While we were resting we saw a group of 5 cyclists. We thought it was maybe the boys from Syracuse but with 2 woman? I think one of us commented, "if it is them, maybe they got lucky!" they rode by and were squirting each other with their water bottles when we held "hi". One of them recognized the wagons and the group turned around. Sure enough it was them. Wasn't sure with the beard Scott was donning if it was them! Great visit with them and the 2 woman were mom (cathy) and her sister. See previous blog:-)

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