Saturday, June 20, 2009

June 18

Good ride to Hanksville after little layover under only building between spots today. Storm came down on us at about the halfway point and just then there was a motel with a spot for a rest and lunch. The ride was mostly downhill today which was nice. The landscape quickly changed once we were out of the park boundaries. The cliffs became brown and ash in color. They could film a sci fi movie here. It feels like we are on a different planet sometimes. So vast, so baren, so glad I am riding with others! Kept thinking how courageous folks are to do this solo. Don't think I would enjoy it. James and my conversations today centered around dirt bikes now, not 4 wheelers! As he said, this area is "dirt bike heaven". It is getting really hot now...15 degree difference from Capitol! Yikes.

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