Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dan (not Bruce) Rossi

Nice guy Mike met in Telluride and he stopped to make sure we didn't need anything! Again...the incredible people we meet!


  1. Kelly and FamilyJune 29, 2009 at 6:44 PM

    Hey Guys,
    It makes me happy to know that you're meeting such nice people out there. Keep up the terrific work and know that we're thinking of you all the time.
    Love~ K
    P.S. Tell James Maria had her fist swim lesson at the Y on Saturday. She wears her bathing cap all the time...she thinks it's so cool!! :)

  2. Glad you guys are doing well. You're missing the wettest June ever in Maine. Today is the first day in about 10 that we've even had a glimpse of the sun. All's well at The Lab. Joyce and I are staying busy with lots of upcoming events (Press Week, the Symposium on the Future of Medicine, etc.). Hang in, guys. You'll be back before you know it. BTW, are you riding through Iowa? I have lots of media contacts there. -- Tom Walsh


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