Sunday, June 14, 2009

June13 - day 15

Coming into Escalante. Stayed at a nice spot. Expedition place with
cabins and camp sites. Made a big salad and pasta. Our routine is starting to come together. Mike and kids set up tents, I cook, mike cleans, I try to blog, rebecca reads, James looks for 1 hour friends and then we reconvene for cards and chess! Rebecca wouldn't let me go to bed until she beat me last night...6th. Game! I got good cards that's all! Daddy finally beat James at chess. Met a guy from S.Paris, me this morning...first person from our state. Met a nice family from Georgia with their grand daughter Victoria. See lots of grandparents with gchildren on route. Making nice memories even if kids might not like the activities du jour everyday!


  1. Deb and family, I am back from Cornish for a few week and thought I would check and see what progress you have made. From looking at things seems like things are going well and you are having the adventure of a life time. I am e-mailing from Sue Grindle's e-mail so feel free to reply here and I will get it. Keep up the good work and will be waiting to hear from you. Joyce

  2. :) Love the photos and keeping track of you on the blog!!!! LOVE IT!! Love Tricia G

  3. Go guys Go. Love the pictures - must be tough riding but its beautiful ! We're all proud of your efforts - keep it up ! John C


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