Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 24 to Dove Creek

An example of the vistas. The only problem is that I am pretty sure I saw this mountain range 3 days ago from a different perspective but still off to my right! Are we doing a big circle around it? NO, just a half circle! So Dove Creek did not have an open campground. Another example of the failing economy and closure of more support for tourism! We asked the local sheriff about possible places for camping and he directed us to the town park and community center. We got hotdogs and beans and salad stuff at local market and headed to park. There we watched a baseball practice in progress with kids James' age. Nice community with lots of activity. Seniors were gathered in the center playing bingo and people walking the HS track. There was a huge pile of wood slats in the picnic area that we learned from our new friend Josh was for the big 4th. of July celebration Pick and hoe festival. They would burn this wood to cook the huge quantities of meat they would sell that day. Josh wanted us to stay but we must move on as we find ourselves slowly eating up our spare days due to the easing into my original goal of 50mi/day. May need to do the uhaul thing again through some future area to get some slack time again. The good thing is the fact we can finally do 50 miles with no problem. I see some 80plus days in Kansas! We also met Trace, Jordan and Andie, nice kids who introduced themselves because Andie also has T1diabetes. We are hoping for you also Andie, they find a cure soon!

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  1. this is josh...... haha. i still think you could have been late to home... any ways like i said before. your gonna come see us when your not on your bikes. .... AND email me at


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