Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 16 off to Capitol Reef National Park

Chilly night up on the mountain last night! James slept in a hammock like Uncle Tom and froze his @!? off! We were all cold but nice morning. Rebecca woke up with a low blood sugar. Her continuous glucose meter hasn't seemed to work the last 2 tries so when we get into town we need to figure that out. Her meter read "LO" which we never had before. She got out of her tent to let us know and mike got up to check her. She ate candy bars and power bars. Mike said that it looked like a bear had gotten in to her food stash because in the morning it was all over her tent! I knew she was going to go low because James wasn't in the tent with her that night. I like the comfort of him being next to her in case she needs help. Got to get that meter going again. She has needed much less insulin on this trip due to all the exercise each day. That is a real benefit. Picture is taken around the bend from the campground. Loose cattle everywherebut first ones we saw on the side of road. It is amazing how many cattle ranches there are and how much cattle is in the mountains.

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