Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 20th - Major descent at end!

Couldn't resist stopping to snap a few pics. So I might need new brake was worth it! You cannot see the pitch here but it was a good one!


  1. Wow! 50 miles! Now you’re in stride! By the time you get to Kansas, your legs will be like iron, the roads will be flat and you’ll be doing 100 mi per day. We’re following you, photo by photo. Wish I were 20 years younger and with you. Rebecca and James, you’re doing great! Think of all the stories you’ll have to tell when you get home. – Uncle Joe

  2. We are blown away by what you are doing!!!

    Your Jax Eng Family

  3. News from the homefront... G is learning to sing Row Row Row Your Boat. Very cute! He'll have it down by the time you get back so he can put on a show. You guys aren't missing much here except for a couple weeks of rain...yuck. We are keeping close track of you guys. The pics are great. If we could send fresh fruit over the internet, we would! James -- I think you've already biked farther than I've biked in my life! Nice work.
    Take care...can't wait for the triumphant return!
    Oh, and Mike, if you ever receive the voicemail I left you, you can ignor it -- I took care of it.
    Hugs and high fives! -- the Fro Family

  4. Ditto with what everyone else said. Nice job! Oh, and a belated Happy Father's Day Mike. What an amazing way to spend it.
    Love~ K


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