Saturday, June 27, 2009

6:00 in Telluride

Leaving today and looking forward to our ride! Finally caught up and enjoying a coffee in a bakery that has the best baked goods as well as food. 4 different pasta dishes last night that were all delicious! Now it's time to get back to camp and either shake some kids awake or be pleasantly surprised by a packed site! To Ridgeway today, then Cerro Summit, Gunnison where we pick up insulin at walmart and thanks to our wonderful neighbor Pam, we will be receiving a general mail delivery there with diabetes supplies, shorts for mike and the stove "that we should have brought" that uses coleman fuel! Just talked to my sister Becka! What a great treat! Thanks Becka... Love and miss all our family and friends! And our dog!

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  1. What info do you have about the type 1 diabetes research being done @ The Jackson Laboratory ? I went to the website, and cannot find info about the research. You can e-mail me, or find me on Facebook. Thanks.
    Deanne Kacmar


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