Friday, June 26, 2009

Seemed to have lost this long blog for this picture!

So, Brandon, quite an interesting man! A former Olympic swimmer in the
early 80's and actually on his way to Vegas fir an interview for a
story on what he had been doing since then! He also is working with
many others collaborating on hydrogen fuel kits for vehicles making
them as efficient if not more than hybrids! James and the rest of us
were completely on awe of the process and although Brandon cannot make
money on it because big oil has all the patents on it, we wish him
well with it. We will definitly look into it more when we get back!
James had told us months ago about vehicles that run on water...we
need to listen better apparently because it seems every week James is
right about these concepts! For days he has been telling me about
these sports cars that are worth $1m. I said that wasn't possible. We
learned today that they can go up to 1.5m! We have seen many sports
cars in groups passing us. Yesterday were Shelby Colbras! Very cool!
Today ferraries(sp?). Thank you so much Brandon for your hospitality.
James especially liked the BBQ. Chicken and watching Congo with you!
Brandon insisted we sleep insidedue to a large bear on the property!
10' he thought...yeah, that was smart!

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  1. What an amazing number of friendly, generous people you've met - and all with great stories of their own. Keep on truckin'
    John C.


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