Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 17 -June 15

Boy, just thought wouldn't it be nice if the day was the same as the date. At least it would work through June! So James got is just desserts at the end of a really hard climb! Fishing for brook trout was a highlight for James on this trip. He bagged 7 and one big enough to eat. Mmmmm good! Bob Hendrickson is the host of Oak Creek campground which is 4 miles down the east face of Boulder Mtn. Bob was an incredible host and now friend of the O'Donnell Clan! We hope he visits us in Maine! He led us to his favorite site and immediately the kids were in heaven! The very loud babbling brook and the bridge, the nice fire pit with benches and beautiful camp sites got the big thumbs up! But what really made it was Bob's presence. While we set up camp James went to see if Bob had any fishing line and hook he could buy. Bob gave him 10' of line, worms and a hook. James fashioned a pole with a branch and attached line and hook. He went to town for a good hour and a half and ran that line up and down the river hoping over boulders and around trees and looking like Huck Finn! Bob arrived in the nick of time! The cleaning of the fish was just about to begin. Bob showed James how to do this and gave mom tips on how to cook. I keep olive oil spray in our food bag and put it in the pan and just as Bob described happened with the 6 he caught the other night, that fish without head or guts started hopping around the pan...yikes, scared the life out of me! Good eating though.

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