Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 22-(21 miles to Monticello)

Ah, green grass and trees...we're out of the desert! Beautiful park for a picnic! PB& J or bananas on burritos, our new lunch item. James and I decided to hang back for ice cream and to get more water but it was a nice long break.


  1. ...GREEN..I already posted this once but ..humm...I cant find it. Its amazing how GREEN everything seems after being in the BROWN for a while, reminds me of when Heather and I lived in Reno and went on vacation to Oregon..really green there. Rebecca love the grin....Keep up the awsome work!...Deb we are bustin butt to keep you from not coming back :) early....BUSY BUSY!!...A good thing...Keep pedeling ...be safe..Ed

  2. Thanks Ed. You're the best and I miss you a lot!


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