Wednesday, June 17, 2009


From Torrey to Capitol Reef - I cannot seem to capture the scale in pictures, but it's grand! Beautiful ride today coming off the mountain into Torrey and after lunch and catching up with bill paying and provisioning up, we had another great run into Capitol Reef. Got in about 4:00, went to visitor's center, and then through the orchards and old buildings that are all part of a former Morman Village called Fruita. It sits below the majestic cliffs formed by changes over the millions of years of environmental changes, earth's plate shifts, ancient seas, and eroding winds. It felt like we were in Egypt with pyramids, sphynx, deserts, but all in natural form. Coming into the campground felt like garden of Eden with the fruit trees all around and guess what they do with that fruit?...they make pies! We ended our journey today with splitting 2 pies and ice cream...yum! There are tame deer and friendly horses everywhere and then there are the mountain lions! Poor James, we tell him the youngest go first!

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