Monday, June 15, 2009


Just out of Escalante which was a nice stay, nice town, and more nice people. The town's main street had an esplanade between the street and sidewalk that was filled with flowers and labeled for the uneducated botanists (me). I am really enjoying the flowers in the desert.and then riding along the cliffs the plants that are growing in the most inhospitable places. Really, what else are you going to do while you are pulling up a mountain at the great speed of 4mi/hr ?! James got off his bike on a 14% climb just to document on his camera the warning for those going the other way! No way was I stopping, never start back up again! This sign told the story of the Mormans trek through the hole in the wall. Before leaving the area we also met a nice family that had kids and were interested in getting back into touring. They live on the Blue Ridge Parkway in WV. Would love to hear from them again!


  1. REBECCA! this comment is for you : ) I got your postcard today, and was very excited! Ryann and i were talking today about how we miss you, so it was a nice surpise : ) You're amazing, i love you, i hope you dont get eaten by bears,
    Amanda M.

  2. Hi Deb. Holy cow, what an exciting trip. You went right through Monument Valley, one of my favorite places. It doesn't look like you will be going near Denver, but if you did, I have family in Castle Rock CO. I will send this link to Mom. Good luck, stay safe and I will be following your progress. Wish I were there with you.

  3. Are you coming through Cortez, Colorado . . . ? It looks like that's the way you're headed.

  4. WOW what awesome nice to see where you are and know you are having such a wonderful experience. We are in NE...wishing you well. Deb & Steve

  5. it's been a few days....hope all is well!


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