Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 32-June 30th.- Sargents

Came into Sargent late because we stayed and enjoyed Gunnison so much. I really liked it. We also picked up mail and insulin. Thanks again Pam! Thanks for the papers too! Rebecca being athlete of the week was a real surprse and she enjoyed the article on the softball team! We threw the Ellsworth one out before we noticed your highlights to certain articles. Sorry if we missed something in there. I enjoyed seeing the articles on the lab. Our new building passed planning be. Go Rick! And the grant for Stem Cell research in CA! Maybe there can be a cure for diabetes sooner as well as so many other diseases! We had a nice dinner here with delicious sweet potato fries with Cajun ranch dressing! Mmmmm. We also met the nicest junior high teacher, Mike who was doing the trek the opposite way. He is a language arts teacher in Denver. He talked to James a bit about reading...thanks Mike! James did read a little last night! We wish him well on his journey. After doing the pass yesterday I am truly amazed that you made it over that pass in 23 miles of climbing! I struggled with 9! Mike is at sharetheroad Nice blog!

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  1. Kelly and FamilyJuly 3, 2009 at 7:55 AM

    Yum, sweet potato fries sounds delicious.
    I love this picture. The sun setting in the background is really pretty. One could compile a slew of sunset pictures alone on this trip...beautiful!
    Rebecca and James....I'm so proud of you. Keep smilin' even tho I know it has to be tough to do sometimes.
    Love~ Aunt Kelly


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