Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 54 -July 22- to Eminence

Tough climbing today but great rewards at this stop. Beautiful state
park with interpretive center that had an old school house, general
store, barn (sent previously), and this old mill that sits along
springs that have a flow of 84 million gallons per day. Apparently not
only have the outside of the Ozarks eroded but the soft limestone
inner layers have been honeycombed over time which lends itself to
great water capacity. The entire Ozark plateau is undermined with deep
underground rivers. The water by this mill and the growth underneath
looked like an aquarium. The colors so vibrant and water so clear you
could see everything beneath the surface. Great stop, glad rebecca
pulled off. With the fast downhill prior to this stop, it would have
been easy to let our momentum continue for the next uphill. That's
what the granny gears are for though!

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