Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 60- july28-Golconda, Il

2 miles off route but well worth it. Good dinner at the Sweet Water
Saloon in town and guys in there suggested we camp at the town park
ünder the pavillion! Perfect! Showers under the faucet worked well and
with some pretty good hills today, sleeping on the concrete floor was
not a problem! I do get up earlier those mornings after because the
old hips get a bit achy! I went back to the saloon for coffee in the
morning to try and get caught up here but did my usual gabbing
instead! Folks want to know what craziness possessed us to do this
trip. I just tell them it was my boss' fault..."he asked for creative
ways to save our department operating costs!"...just kidding Fitz!
Mike usually chimes in beforehand anyhow and let's them know it is a
"female dominated" trip and "THEY came up with it!" with his thumb
pointing our way! I think some men want to say "man, how did you let
that happen?" from their expressions. Kids had fun in the city park
before bed. Good day!

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