Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 56 -july25

When we climbed our first hill today, we got service and connected and
made plans with the folks and St Louis clan. We were to meet in Pilot
Knob at a park. They would bring a picnic lunch! We took the suggested
alternate through Lesterville on 21, had breakfast at the Black River
Yacht Club...a bit tongue and cheek...was in a gas station! Good
breakfast though. Mike had been talking with folks outside who
eventually came in to sit with 2 girls who had been patiently waiting
for their parents and after some whispering from the 2 couples to the
girls, we heard very loudly, "on bicycles!" Pretty funny! James and I
saw this store on the way and sign saying guitars for sale and they
took plastic! We stopped for a quick diversion and did not find a
small guitar but this woman, Debbie, told us about her best friend who
had made the trek across before and how she met up with them when they
came through. She said the whole family went across and the boy who
was 100 at the time is now a big bicycle racer in Europe. I read a
couple blogs before the trip and this story sounded familiar. I asked
if the couple went on to ride more and if they did a continental
divide trip with 2 dogs in tow?! Sure enough, same story, same people!
Small world! She also told us we were about to climb to the highest
point in MO up ahead! Didn't like this news but we found it not to be
so bad except for the traffic! Feel lucky to not have been hit! Most
terrifying of the trip I must say! Glad to be outta there!

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