Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 58- July 26- to Carbondale

So we had a great dry sleep last night and came around to the front of
the building and met Otis and Doug, representing the Eagles and making
sure we liked our stay! We thanked them for their hospitality and let
them know that this was definitely a great stay and how much we
appreciated it! They suggested a breakfast buffet down the road and
off route a bit but well worth it! Well, just as we arrived at the
restaurant Otis and Doug pulled up and Otis gave us these nice shirts
with their logos! Great guys! We had a delicious breakfast and then
when I went to pay, they told us the FOE's picked up our check!!!
Wow!!! We should have been buying them breakfast for what they had
already done for us! Thanks so much for everything Otis! much
appreciated and very very kind of you!!!

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  1. I am amazed and touched by how many kind and generous people you have met during your journey. I look forward to reading your blog each day.


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