Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 50- second stop

Farm supply store had cold drinks and James bought a large chocolate
bar for me! The owner gave us a tip about a closed road and the
difficulty getting through due to mostly gravel roads. We figured out
a good detour and headed out. We stopped in Jasper and right before, I
got a soft tire. First one on my bike. Pumped it and met up with
others at Judy's truck stop. Had lunch and then found my tire flat!
Mike put duct tape inside the tire to hopefully protect the tube.
Changed and patched tube then on our way again. 1 mile down the
road...pop! I suggested that the others go ahead and I would get a
ride to the next town. James stayed with me. I took apart my bike and
looked as pathetic as possible...that never works! James stuck out his
thumb and a truck pulled over. I asked how far he was going..."100
yards up on the left!" So then I tried flagging down someone. They
passed us. James said, "sit down, I'll show you how it's done! You
need the magic thumb!" Sure enough another guy stopped and when I
asked how far he was going, he responded with how far do you need to
go? I told him and after exclaiming surprise at 40 miles, he offered
another solution...gorilla tape to the inside of the tire! So it
looked like were going to finish the ride today much to our chagrin! I
replaced the tube and pumped it up and James and I were on our way to
try and catch up with the rest. More later...

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  1. der jamz and rabeka

    look for kut bunes and kut bars.


    maria dimeglio


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