Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 50

So James and I were still enjoying the scenery but it was starting to
get late. I called Mike and they were in Everton and we were 7 miles
behind them. The plan was for Rebecca and Mike to keep going as there
wasn't anything in Everton and for us...get as far as we could and
maybe hunker down with our sleeping bags somewhere for the night! Not
too attractive for either group as I carry bags and mars and Mike has
tents. Rebecca had the map too and told us about the "T" in the road
ahead and the left we would take. We travelled on with full
expectations of roughing it tonight. James in the lead, I explained
that the road would end at a "T" and we would go left. He immediately
responded with his incredibly clever mind "well, what if it's a lower
case "t"? I almost fell off my bike and laughed for the next couple
miles! During stressful times, he truly keeps me sane! We made it to
Everton with the sun quickly fading. M& R were right. Not much in this
town. Off to the left on a side street I noticed 2 gentleman talking
over an old ford pickup full of melons, peaches, dukes and other
produce. Maybe our silver lining, fresh fruit and veggies for dinner.
I told them our predicament and they suggested the city park and
getting food at a convenience store off our route. After buying some
fruit, Earle the produce man offered us a ride to get groceries. We
left our bikes and gear on Frank's lawn and hopped in Earle's truck
and got to Handy Hut, ordered subs and got other stuff. While waiting
I called Mike. Awful reception made for difficult communications. I
told him where we were and that we were fine. On his end, he had sent
a police officer back looking for us worried that we had tried to make
it to Ash Grove. I finally got what he was saying and soon after a
police officer rolled up which gave James a bit of a fright and
surprised Earle who was driving the ford with several violations as
well as being barefoot! The cop told Earle he would take us back to
the bikes. When we got back, Frank asked if he could give us a ride
and that since it was a fundraiser, he wasn't sure if he should offer.
Was this cheating? We got the ride to Ash Grove and felt no guilt!
There waiting at the city park was Rebecca and Mike with 4 incredible
subs, birthday cake, and a bottle of wine for me! It was the best day
afterall! All of us together never was so good! Once again the
generosity of folks was incredible! Thanks to the Ash Grove officer,
Earle the produce pedaller, and Frank who we reassured he wasn't
aiding and abetting!

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  1. nothing in Everton???

  2. I LOVE this story. What a great adventure you're all having! Unforgettable.

    Best wishes for the rest of your journey!

    -Susan Whitby


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