Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 51- July 19

Change in plans after my fiasco with my tire yesterday and Mike's tire
and rim problems from several days ago. We took a detour to
Springfield through Willard. Took a bike path from Willard to
Springfield called the Frisco Highline Trail. My tire that by now was
buldging at the gorilla tape with a big hole in the tire did not like
the gravel trail that it became. So about 1 mile in from the city
limits I got another flat. A family that was out geo-caching saw us at
the side of the road and asked if we needed help. I said no thanks, we
really need a truck! 2 minutes later he drove across the highway to
tell us he was going home to get his truck and he would bring me to
A&B Bike shop. I sent the others ahead and waited for my very good
samaritan, John Germann! He wanted to buy the family cold sodas too! I
told him he had done way too much already and he should continue with
his family geocaching on this beautiful Sunday and how grateful we
were for his kindness! Thanks again John! Come visit us in Maine

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