Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 60- July 28 and 60 miles today too!

Back on track for some of us and even with some rain it was a great
day! This was the biggest animal we've seen and that's no
was a beast!


  1. Hi, O'Donnells!
    This is Kathy, mom of two of the three Boys from Syracuse. Just wanted to let you know that they will be finishing up this Sunday! They are in Virginia now and plan to end at Yorktown, where I, and Peter's parents hope to meet them as they pull up to the Victory Monument, after which we will have a celebratory dinner. They have had some amazing experiences and I can't wait to hear more details. Most of our communication has been through not-so-clear cell phone conversations.

    You are all making great progress and I've enjoyed keeping up with your adventure. Please stay in touch after you finish this monumental ride!
    All the best,
    Kathy Hobson

  2. Hey! Glad you had a good day. We love hearing about your trip. All is well here. Some sunshine today. (: B, M & G rode bikes to Echo Lake. Yesterday they rode on the carriage trails around Witch Hole. There were no complaints this time from the husband...I have dog duty and get to run. Was not too happy when a wrong turn added an extra mile and a 1/2. No complaints, though. Pam and Tom came over for dinner last night - steamers from RAT's and some chicken. Too rainy for a campfire. Have I told you we've had some rain in these parts?! I've been catching up on my reading, but think R & M will beat me in the book count. If you are still hitting the used bookstores have Mike look for Run River by Joan Didion - close to Steinbeck, real close. Also just read Olive Kittenridge (title) - short stories about a coastal town in Maine. High marks! Miss you guys. xo K.and those bike riding POmers (See you have inspired...)

  3. Hey Rebecca* and James*, you're a great inspiration for so many of us! Know that everyone you know is pulling for you! We love reading the blogs and viewing the photos! In many ways wish that we were your road crew! Our prayers are with the 4 of you for a great rest of the journey! Blessings and love, Aunt Sue*


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