Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 49- July 17

James and I miss our dog Pilot so much but if you have been reading
the comments, he is being spoiled rotten. He may want to be a Pomer or
Anginetti! Not a chance Kate! This man Ken McPherson was walking his
dog and was interested in our trip. He was like so many of the people
we met in Kansas...kind and generous! He was sorry he didn't know we
were here because he has a place on a lake we could have stayed at! He
gave James a solar powered LED flashlight which is better than
anything we have for light...very nice! When Mike told Ken about the
diabetes part he was thankful for he suffers with type 1 diabetes and
is having a tough time with it right now. We talked about the pump and
making sure to bolus prior to eating food which we hadn't been told
till recently also! For the first 5 years we have been dealing with
this, doctors said you could take insulin right after you eat and this
is not found to work at all. Corey, our PA at home who has t1d
stresses this all the time with RKO. Tough habit to break though but
she is trying!
Thanks again Ken for your gift and well wishes! We wish the best for
you and hope your dog feels better soon too. Nice to meet both of you!

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  1. Pilot wants to be a labrador but won't make it since he doesn't like to swim! Even Moxie swims and retrieves. Pilot does like to have his 4 girl canine harem around tho!


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