Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 59- July 27

We made it to Murphysboro last night and are experiencing a bit of the
mid-trip blues. I think all of our bodies are tired and we had such a
nice visit with family that we are a bit homesick. Things will turn
around. We sensed disappointment high with the kids and made the
decision for motel and laundry last night! TV, clean clothes, and rest
helped a bit. We left early and had a short ride to Carbondale for
bike repairs and interview with Southern Illinoisan. Bikes got
repaired and we hung out for quite sometime, but did not hear back
from our contact at the paper. Thanks for the hard work back home to
make some media contacts for us. Maybe these towns we are going
through see so many of us riding through that the interest isn't
there. We met many folks just hanging here though!

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