Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 55 july 23

Had breakfast in town, mailed 10 pounds of stuff back home in
prearation for the rough climbing day today. Will be good to get out
of these mountains as they are steeper grades than out west and no
shoulder for safe travel or picture taking! Met a couple going west,
Chris and Chris. Also right before we finished for the day, I met a
guy from Manchester, England going west. He gave me a mapquest
printout for an alternate route to avoid some hills. He received this
from the fire fighters in Farmington who let cyclists camp at the
station. Nice! Ended today in Centerville past town. Stayed at a run
down campground that seemed to be closed down. I had called from town
though and sure enough, the owner was there to meet us and show us the
site in back of his trailer. We were the only ones back there and it
was a little disconcerting but we got over it quickly because we are
so tired these days! We can sleep just about anywhere! The owner
mentioned the tavern (kind of a VFW club) just 100 ft up the road
where we could get drinks and pizza. James wasted no time and while
Rebecca and I showered James went and played pool by himself and
talked with some of the vets. Mike was still in town ordering some
salads for later. We all ended up back at the tavern for pizza and our
salads and pool. 2 east bound cyclists showed up after dark and due to
the fact the place didn't take credit cards, they couldn't get
anything and couldn't camp there. We gave them 2 of our salads but
didnt realize why they weren't drinking until we went to pay for our
camping and consumables, and had to rob all our wallets of cash to pay
for it! They were going to go back to town and camp roadside
somewhere. We tried to get a hold of Grandma and grandpa O'Donnell and
Klariches last night but didn't have service. We are to meet up with
them for a picnic tomorrow! That will be so fun!

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