Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 52- July 20-

Folks need to share the road with more folks than bicycles! Kids liked
seeing the Amish folks. Trying to make up distance today and we did
it! Nice riding through the Ozarks, some Amish country and a heck of a
rollercoaster! Personal bests for kids today...78 miles! We made it to
Houston at 6:30, quick Chinese food and motel tonight! Exhaustion has
set in for all and sore knees! One flat today-rebecca aquired a
thumbtack so we were behind the boys by a few minutes. We also
encountered the worst roads of the trip...20 miles of the strangest
oil and gravel patching we've ever seen. Uneven by inches and huge oil
puddles even off the road in the grasses. We were so thankful it
wasn't of us would have been down. Much better the last
17 miles and the kids were amazing troopers...they really rise to the
occasion when needed! Love them and they are true inspirations to Mike
and I!


  1. Yikes, that sounds pretty scary and yucky, for lack of a better word. Your kids (and you/mike) are our inspirations as well. When BP mentions hurt legs after lugging Geo up a hill, you can only imagine my fun..."My niece and nephew biked the Rockies..." Oh, and so much more. We had such a great day yesterday. Hiked Little Long Pond with our friends Caroline and Dirk (and dog Sadie). The dogs were so tired from the walk and swimming. (Pirate is still warming up to the idea of swimming but loves to wade.) Then we kayaked at Seal Cove. Beautiful sunset. Awesome. Love you guys and safe travels. xo K.

  2. I've got a newspaper interview pending for you in Carbondale, Illinois, so let me know when you plan to arrive there. Also working on TV coverage when you reach Farmington, Missouri, which is within the St. Louis media market. Please keep in touch so that I can let these media outlets know when and where they find you. -- Tom Walsh ( or 288-6784)


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