Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rebecca's routine every 3 days!

Rebecca needs to change her pump site every 3 days and also her continuous glucose monitor. She draws insulin from a vial of insulin into a plastic vial that sits in the pump. She then takes a needle to insert the catheter that delivers the insulin whenever she eats (bolus), needs to correct a high blood sugar or the hourly dose she receives which is refered to as basal insulin. After she primes the pump then she connects the catheter with the pump and she is good to go. Then she uses another needle to insert a sensor into her subcutaneous fluid that reads her blood sugar levels continuosly. This is sent to her pump so then she knows how she is trending throughout the day and it will alarm for high and low blood sugar. This really helps on a trip like this where excersise and diet can wreak havoc on her system. Easiest diabetic to treat would be someone who has a more sedintary lifestyle and ate the same thing every day! Not for Rebecca!

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