Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 43 - july11 - Fort Larned

Rebecca went to check out the fort while James and I cooled off (me especially!) under a water fountain near the road. Rebecca got to see some of it before it closed for the night. James and Mike went to peek in windows afterwards and Rebecca and I headed out towards Larned City. Just up the road off to the side of the road was a couple in a red truck and the gentleman stuck his head out and asked if we were the O'Donnell family? It was the Josts who we had spoken to a couple of times that day and had planned to call when we got in town. We chatted and waited for the boys to catch up and you should have seen the grin on James' face when we asked if he would care for a lift into town! It meant a longer time in the pool that night!

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