Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 37 July 5th- to Ordway

52 miles today - flat as can be and fast even with a headwind! Do miss the beautiful scenery of the mountains but this is my kind of ride! I rode oyt in front alternating with Rebecca and we made good time. First 1/2 was a good headwind but it actually helped keep us cool. Then a storm was coming up on us with thunder and lightning. We booked it to Olney Springs. I stayed back to check in with Mike and James and then switched with Mike. I couldn't get James to go faster but we made it just in time. We found a closed restaurant and had snacks and read/ sketched for a bit. When it started to clear, rebecca hopped on her horse and said "see you in Ordway!" I followed then James. Not to far up the road, James passed me and announced he was going to ride faster than he ever has! And he did! He must have done 20mi./hr. For the remaining 10.! He passed Rebecca and got to the town and had it all scoped out for us!

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