Wednesday, July 8, 2009

On route to Kansas today - July 7

After a nice call with Betty and Bob Coleman from back home, we headed
towards Kansas. Bob is trying to connect us with a friend of his in
Kansas for later this week. That will be fun if it works out...thanks
Bob! Will we get any good scoop about Bob's early days? Hmmmm? Keep
you posted! :-) Betty and Bob have been dear friends of Mike's parents
for years and all part of a wonderful "dinner club" that has had many
great traditions over the years. They have made it a point to get
together every couple of months for I think 30 years or so. I have
often said we should start one...what a great example of true
friendships. They have been through much together with raising kids,
marrying them off, grandchildren, etc. Great people! This picture
shows the unfortunate state we cone across in many of the towns we
come to.

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