Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 6

Blowing out the candles we gave the waitress to put on the coconut
cream pie...she just didn't light them ???? We pretended! After dinner
we walked outside to the most horrible sky! I voted to wait it out and
got vetoed! As we crossed the street, the wind and sand blew us over!
We ran back and waited...almost like I had some magical powers!!!! We
waited longer than anyone wanted to then went back to city park for
bed. There were about 8 others camping out there too. Mike got to talk
with them a bit. One was Nathan from Notre Dame and Keith from PA!


  1. Happy belated birthday Mike! Looking pretty good!
    Been cutting and pasting your blog into Publisher, so hopefully when you get back, you'll have a record of the trip in book form.
    Keep up the good work and take care of yourselves. Can't wait to see you all!!!!
    Love ya,
    Cindy and the gang

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Mike!!
    Deb, do you think they will listen to you next time and vote with you? Glad to see you are all well and continue to make the progress. Heading to the shore with Becka next week. We will have one for you.
    Love Moe

  3. Cindy and gang! Thanks so much for doing the book! We are all very excited about this and appreciate your efforts! Hey, if you want to change, edit, add whatever to make me sound really eloquent...go for it! I blame my pinky typing but you were always the writer with the good words!!! Love and miss you all!


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