Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 61- July 29- Golconda

Spent a couple hours at the Sweet Water Saloon drinking coffee and
trying to get caught up with blog but not much success! Mike spoke
with a guy at the park last night about getting us on a coal barge/tug
on the Ohio and told him to call back tomorrow afternoon. Kids now
have this on the brain as something we must do! It would certainly be
a hoot. So with that on our brains but knowing that probably can't
happen due to liability and insurance regulations, we rode to the
marina to check out other possibilities! Spoke with a few guys
fishing. 2 worked there and the other guy who introduced himself as
having just gotten out of prison( was a guard). I asked if there were
any opportunities to get a ride up the river. They mentioned a
riverboat that takes folks 25 miles up river to Cave in Rock. This was
where we cross into Kentucky. James and I also worked the dock slips
too to see if there were any "opportunities" for a longer ride. Spent
an hour separately having great conversations with boat owners as well
as hands. When we reconvened, we confessed to each other that we came
up short! So now that we spent all morning hanging around the boatyard
( can you tell we are getting tired and desperate???), we made the
family decision to take the boatride today to Cave in Rock. Good
decision! While we waited for tge boat, we worked on bikes, read, and
practiced our troubadour skills!

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