Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 48 July 16-to Chanute

Met several bicyclists going east and west. This Ben from England
heading west.


  1. Who woulda ever thunk we'd be treated to Mike in shorts and tan legs too! :) Going with Pilot, Moxie and the girls on a hike this afternoon - oh yeah - Kate and the kiddos too! Have a great birthday tomorrow!

  2. Regatta tomorrow - will miss my bar boy. No boats to load only serving cocktails - seems like it will in the rain too :(

  3. I have to say the legs on the O'Donnell family could win you some concert tickets to Poison or some other "hair" band. YOu guys look amazing! Miss you. Had a great walk with Pam and girls. Pilotta tries to herd the tandem - Geo is his choice or, I should say, his concern. Love him!!! Little Notch pizza tonight. Hope I'm not making you homesick. It will all be here when you get home. Love, Love, Love. KOD and various Pomers


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