Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 47- July 16 - Toronto, KS

Hey look ma, they have hills in Kansas! We actually got several hills
to go down today with a passing lane on the other! There
were some uphills too but they were nice grades to pull up still in
the high gears. We met a couple from New Zealand at our first break
and Rebecca had a nice coversation with the woman while Mike read, I
blogged, and James played pool and ate! Long break and then headed to
Eureka for next break. We ran into someone headed west and frustrated
that his friend (female) was so slow today. He prefaced this with "
not to sound like an ass" and he needn't have said anymore! Told
Rebecca and I after the boys headed out that he might need to make it
a solo venture! Nice! As Rebecca said, "you don't just ditch a girl in
the middle of the country!" Hope they work it out! While we were
talking with him, the 4 from the gazebo came from behind. They were
stopping in Eureka at the bowling alley for the lunch bar. We said
we'd meet them there. They headed out before our boys. The folks from
firstbreak had also rolled by us while we were stopped. When Mike and
James rolled out, James took off on a mission to catch up with the
kids! He passed all of the folks that went before us and thankfully
knew to stop at the bowling alley!

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