Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 45 - July 13th.- Newton

Coming into Newton. Made the decision to treat ourselves to a motel and get some laundry done. Look what happens though...up late blogging and I bet someone is still watching a movie in the room! Late night means late start. In this heat, that can be fatal! Only 38 miles tomorrow to Cassoday though! More tomorrow! Good night.


  1. Well, the weather has improved in SW. All is well here. Pi-Pi, aka Pilot, is great. Moxie and he are exhausted and have decided to take a break today from their usual "I love you so much I could devour you." Miss you. Dad, Bobby and kids went to Wonderland. Keep up the good work. Tell Beck I'm reading Twilight. Fun!

  2. Are you half way yet? Keep pedeling...



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