Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 13 - July 13 - to Newton

Great ride today after I finally got us going in the right direction! I screwed up again! But we did get to see an exotic animal farm...zebras, ostriches, camels! Wild to see them in Kansas when you are use to seeing COWS! The cows in these parts also have friends too...bright white egrets that seem to be enjoying the shade with the cows until we go by and scare them. Then your see this white sheet of them in flight against the cows...can't get that camera out in time! Lots more vegetation too and water! More water brings more frogs and turtles. Not fun to run over even though they already have been! More rolling hills and different crops too. Even with the headwind, we all agreed it was one of our best days riding albeit hot again!

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