Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 71- aug 8

Happy Anniversary Kate and Bobby and Mike and I (22 years) Nice stay
at hotel! James didn't want breakfast but we brought him something
anyhow. When he brought his plate back down to the kitchen, he made
friends with Susan, a sweet lady working there. He was gone for
sometime. He came into the master bedroom with an embarrassed look on
his face and said a lady was outside and wanted to talk to me. I said
"James, what did you do?" I came around the corner and Susan and Mike
were standing there. She said, " I just wanted to thank you for
raising such a great kid!" She came all the way up to let us know how
nice and polite James was. What a wonderful thing for her to do and we
were so proud of James! She gave him 4 huge choc chip cookies and
wished us well. Well rested after our long day yesterday (7 hours of
actual riding) we headed back to the bike trail! First the Bike store
in Milford. My mirror was hanging off my bike with electrical and duct
tape, neither one doing the trick! Since this route is fairly new
andnit as popular, folks were really curious about us. We enjoyed
meeting so many people outside the bike store and the folks inside
were great too. Met Mark Fenbers a meteorologist with 5 boys who
thought this might be a good thing to do with his kids...I wish you
well Mark. Sounds like your hands are full right now. Thanks for your
note on the blog! Met another family who was interested in the details
and when they left, the mom said, "I'm so glad we met you today, I'm
going to go home to do something really great!" These are the people
that keep us motivated! Thanks to everyone who shares this ride with
us! It means a lot to us and helps us stay the course! The bike trail
was flat and straight and allowed us some freedom from the helmets and
relief from a hot sun today. We played iTunes and rode in a 4 pack
while we sang to the music and only changed speed when we heard "on
your left" or saw someone in my new mirror! It was fun. Again, met
many curious folks who were on bikes themselves. Some avid riders and
lots of recreational riders like us! We went through somegreat towns
with ice cream shops, fruit stands and all along the Little Miami
river that was filled with canoes, kayaks, and rafts. Great vacation

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  1. Deb,
    These stories of people you meet along the way and how they become inspired by your ride is so INCREDIBLE to read and renews hope about the good nature of people and the really great people of America!!! These stories bring tears to my eyes (and to others!). You guys are great and we love you and miss you every day, but also, so PROUD!!! Be safe!


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