Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 80 - Aug 17 Point Breeze

Anchors away me boys! We found a spot on the beach where we had a
snack before we got to the state campground. Good nachos! Place was
pretty wild with beach goers everwhere!


  1. Glad to see that you're all continuing to enjoy the ride. You're on the home stretch so enjoy the rest of your time together. Look forward to seeing you all when you arrive on MDI!

    ..Fitz & Family..

  2. Deb, Mike, and kids, so proud of you! Looks like your path took you out of Amish country. We will have to find another way to see each other. Rebecca, we are so impressed with you and your fortitude! James, you are a hero too. Love to all, JoJohn, Dylan and Adam

  3. Miss you! Tom stopped by tonight. He was unsure of Piolet's new hair cut. Yikes. I think he looks fab. People think he's a Bernese puppy. Really, what's wrong with that?! Miss you. Miss you. Miss you. Mick is in soccer camp at Harbor House and having a blast. We really should just stay....xo

  4. I am totally bummed we are going to miss your know I would be there, but we are going to be at Kansas State that weekend...boooooooooooo! Sorry! I will be there in spirit and pride!!!
    Talk to you soon, I hope!
    Love ya!


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