Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 84- Aug 21

Had a great time in Rochester last night and very proud of the girl!
she deserves a break today! Iced the knees in the hotel and road with
g&g to Palmyra. James is here in front of a cool building on
Rochester's campus. Recognize it Fitz? We got back on the canal route
and James got to enjoy riding traffic free today. We had a nice ride
except lost Mike in one of the ports while we were looking at a draw
bridge in operation. Then James went ahead so we were all riding alone
and it was not as enjoyable. We hooked back up in Palmyra with
everyone. At lunch I kiddingly asked if g&g were going to stay another
day. They offered to drop off the gear and Rebecca at our next spot
which was Sodus Point. Thank goodness they did! We had a nice rolling
ride towards Lake Ontario through farms, peach orchards and by farm
stands. We had to pick up the pace the last 7 miles due to a storm on
our heels. I took a right at a farm store to get some dinner stuff and
the boys went on. We were surprised by Rebecca having set up the
entire camp. Soon after I arrived and started making dinner, the skies
opened up! If we had spent the time transfering stuff in Palmyra and
Rebecca hadn't gotten to camp early and set up we would all have still
been biking and gotten poured on. Not so bad biking in the rain but
setting up would have been horrible. I cannot believe how lucky we
have been with weather over the summer and timing! The folks camping
near us, the Shields, Masons, and Emils, (sp?) yelled for us to come
share their awning and try to stay dry. They were great folks and fun
to hang with. Brandon Emil (14) talked about dirt bikes, four wheelers
and lots of things James enjoyed hearing about. Nice kid! Thanks for
the hospitality! Tents and sleeping gear got pretty wet but we all
slept good.

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