Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 83- Aug 20

Starting to lose the light on the way to Rochester. Mike was behind us
finishing up at the bike store. When we started hitting the city, the
trail was not as clear and it was getting very dark now. We spent a
lot of time marking out chalk messages for Mike. We got to the hotel
around 8:30 to find a worried grandfather in the lobby! He was glad to
see us. I was worried that Mike wouldn't find us but 1/2 he later
rolled in while I was unloading the van. "honey, I'm home!" I was so
glad to see him! We went out and celebrated Rebecca's big day and we
had a great Italian dinner. James fell asleep. He had done a lot of
walking that day. Rebecca wasn't too thrilled with his complaining of
being tired! Her turn for a break tomorrow...Pat and Jim will meet us
at the end of the canal route in Palmyra, get Rebecca another book and
we will pick up our gear and no more sag vehicle! It's been nice
having the van but mostly great having grandma and grandpa with us to
enjoy the adventure with! We'll miss them when they leave tomorrow.
Nice for the kids to see family and also have a break. With the 100
mile day too, we are in good shape to get on Labor Day weekend
sometime. We'll know better as it gets closer. I'll keep everyone
posted so if you want to celebrate with us you can! We can't wait to
see everyone!

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  1. GREAT JOB REBECCA! Wonder how far you could have gone without your parents holding you back. - Uncle Joe


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