Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 86- Aug 23

End of the day that rained on us. Made it to West Leyden and no place
to stay except with a farmer that saw us come into town and hopped in
his car to offer us shelter from the rain at his place. We took his
name and number and waited for the boys to get into town to make a
decision. We decided to press on another 9 miles to a campground that
had a barn we could stay at. I had a feeling it was a barn we had
stayed at last trip and one of our best nights of that trip. It was
the same one where we entered a potluck dinner in progress and they
fed us and then had a singalong where 3 yr. old Rebecca enjoyed the
older grandmother types and they her. We enjoyed this stay as well. We
had the whole barn with kitchen, bathroom, showers, tv, pingpong, and
lots more to ourselves. We set up our wet tents which dried out and
spread the rest of the wet gear around to dry. The owner was very
hospitable and even dried the remaining wet clothes the next morning
in his personal dryer in the house.

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