Friday, August 21, 2009

Day81- Aug18

I have been delinquent with my blogging but very busy being a tourist
and having a blast! First of all a big belated "Happy Birthday" to my
big sis Cindy! Aug. 20th. Sorry i didn't call and sing like you did
for me! We had our first 100 miler on your birthday! Next year we'll
be doing a big girls night out in the city to celebrate! That one will
deserve a big deal in NYC with a show or two! My sister is taking the
pictures and text and assembling them in a book for us which we are so
thankful for! My whole family and Mike's have been so supportive of
our crazy ideas for years and we are so thankful and proud of each and
every one of them. We were headed to Buffalo here and meeting Mike's
parents who will spend a couple days with us and lighten our load a
bit too for some longer rides! Buffalo across Lake Erie

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I was hoping that you would sing to me, but I'll get over it someday :)
    Hope you love Niagara - Kate and I had a great time there.
    See you soon,


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