Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 77- Aug 14

Rebecca said it was her favorite day of riding yet. Tough city and
busy highway driving this morning but then back roads that were not
heavily traveled. A good part of the day was sharing the road with
Amish buggies and wagons. The kids were amazed by what they saw. It
was facsinating for them to see how these folks live. The little kids
with their overalls, button down shirts, and hats are adorable. I saw
3 of them jumping on a trampoline laughing and having a good time.
Little girls out on a swing in the front yard were cute and I told the
kids that I was going to draft off of this guy that had pulled out in
front of us. It was so cool followiing him. I couldnt resist the
picture but i backed off first. Apparently they get their beautiful
horses from a racetrack in the area that sell the horses not up to par
for racing.

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