Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 77- Aug 14

Sent last one before I finished. So crossing the road was a bit of a
challenge. We had to traverse 2 x 10's spanning 3 feet. It was like
one of those project adventure team building courses. We got specific
instructions from locals in Windsor on how to get to this town where
we met these great folks. I think they hadn't been on that road in
awhile! Karin who I spoke with in Windsor was a sweet lady having a
cocktail on the front porch of a bar. She was a former xray tech who
moved out of the city, moved her boarded horses and bought 10 acres of
land in this beautiful area. She now drives the Amish guys around to
their jobs each day. She explained a lot of questions we had about the
multiple vans full of Amish men that we saw. Our first encounter of
the day was at a gas station stop. We were suprised how many vans were
pulling in and these Amish guys would hop out, get there suitcase of
beer and smokes and hop back in. Soon after that we entered the full
fledged Amish country. Vans and horse drawn vehicles right and left.
Also many folks pulling wagons with goods or kids in them. Looked like
they were all on their way to a get together. I felt badly how many
cars were not seeming to take care in their traveling through this
area. I know we found it difficult to maneuver around the deep ruts
caused by the wagons' steel wheels. James got caught in one and fell
over and got scraped up. The worst part for him though was his trunck
bag being open and contents spilling all over the road. Mike got
caught behind a wagon full of hay and kids and rode right behind them
up a hill. He said the kids were intrigued by his rig. The whole
experience made for one of the best rides of the trip. We then entered
Rock Creek which was the beginning of a bike rail trail. We had
already done 51 miles and were hungry and a bit tired. I asked a group
of guys outside a bar across from this one where they would recommend
we go for food. They all said in unison, "right there is the best
cheeseburger in town" as they pointed to Mickeys Liquor. We chatted
with them about our trip and as they heard the story, more folks came
out if the bar. Even the barmaid came out and said "one minute I had a
full bar, then you all disappeared!" all of them still telling us
"cheeseburgers!" Guess what we had? Yup and they WERE delicious! We
met these folks pictured here at Mickey's and between the bartender
and the nice gentleman in the red t shirt here, our tab was covered.
So sweet!

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