Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 77- Aug 14

So we hopped on our ponies and rode out of town heading for a bike
trail that would lead to camping 14 miles up. It was already 8:00 so
it would be another night ride. Fun! 8 miles up were motels and the
kids were pushing for that but I insisted on camping! It soon grew
dark and bats, birds, and fireflys were swooping in and out of our
lights and brushing up against us. You had to keep your mouth closed!
After a break at the 8 mile mark and more whining about the motel,
Rebecca encountered a skunk! Thankfully the scream didn't release his
toxins and he moved on! And so did we. We arrived at a campground that
was very accomodating and let us camp near laundry and bathrooms. We
had a nice sleep, girls and boys!

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