Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 69 -aug. 6

Messed up on days a bit. This was our ride off route to stay along the
Ohio River and cross over up river more. We loved the riding in
Indiana along the Ohio. Missed seeing someone in Williamsburg...let us
know who you are please and sorry well miss out on seeing someone we
met. Kids and I were waiting for Mike And when we went looking for him
we just missed him and he thought we proceded. He beat us to the final
destination up the road 6 miles or so. Nice RV park with a pool that
was like bath water! James chatted with a man at the pool and told him
about our trip. He later told Mike and I about his brother who passed
away from complications due to diabetes. Sad story and a reminder of
how fragile some folks are from this disease and how we need to be
better about reminding Rebecca about testing and taking care of
herself. Lots of challenges with an independant child and sometimes
stubborn...hmmm, where does she get that from??? Today a nice
gentleman gave us $20 at a gas station... Thanks Don and Joyce Wells-
directors of retirement! And also Larry Gristinger(sp?) (who jumped
out of his car and handed Rebecca $$ for the cause) his mother who had
diabetes was in the car with him.

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